Designed to perform in wet, humid, corrosive environments

We proactively leverage our creative design and savvy application expertise to provide products that combat your most pressing operational ventilation challenges.

  • Safety
  • Space Limitations
  • Service Difficulties

Personnel safety—from less than optimal internal air quality in engine rooms and cabins and the risks of spark and fire—as well as performing routine maintenance, pressurization of machinery spaces so heavy water-tight doors are safely opened and closed, noise mitigation and containment are top priorities in marine applications.

non-spark products for tight marine spaces

Adequate air movement equipment solutions must be designed to work effectively within the limited footprint of marine facilities. Avoiding additional accessories like silencers saves space on a vessel. Multiple mounting arrangements also save space.

Remote locations, mobility of the vessel and downtime are important service-related issues. All of these are extremely costly to the owner/operator. Down fans mean service hassles and production losses.