Need a fan fast?

June 7, 2018
David Long

Last month we talked about how you can prevent missing parts from shutting you down. But sometimes you just need a new or replacement fan as fast as possible.

When speed is critical, the Hartzell Rapid Ship (HRS) is your first line of defense. This rush-order program can get you back up and running with more than 100 variations of the most common direct-drive and belt-drive fans, ventilators, heating equipment, and accessories.

How fast is fast?

You can get some of the most requested direct-drive models and select accessories within 48 hours. Other selected belt-drive models, modified products and accessories ship within 5 days.

What if I need to modify stock items?

The HRS program is designed to offer you the broadest selection available in the industry. You have the flexibility to customize some in-stock products with selected options and accessories.

I need something that isn’t a Rapid Ship product. How fast can I get it?

If you need a standard catalog product or custom job that isn’t part of the HRS program, you can still get fast turnaround. Hartzell's Express Built to Order option can cut your lead time down to as little as 15, 10, or even 5 days.

Can I rely on equipment that’s pulled together this quickly?

You bet. Just because you’re getting it fast doesn’t mean any corners are being cut. All quick-ship units get the same rigorous testing and electrical balancing as every other Hartzell product. On top of that, all Rapid Ship products qualify for Hartzell’s exclusive 5-year warranty — the longest in the industry.

To see which fans are available in two to five days, check out our Rapid Ship page. For a no-obligation Rapid Ship or Express Built to Order quotation, or to learn more, call your Hartzell representative or email